welcome to the table

where we meet

sunday gathering time

sundays 9am breakfast + worship in the Fellowship Hall of Skyland Church


1850 Skyland Terrace NE
Atlanta GA 30319

who we are

we believe a church family should be: 

  • participatory — worship is shaped by people at the table.
  • proximate to the marginalized — “the least of these” reveal Christ’s presence
  • a safe space to seek wholeness – only profoundly changed people can change communities profoundly
  • welcoming to an increasingly diverse group — our unity across differences is a tangible measure of our discipleship

when we gather, we practice these four things:

  • break bread — share a meal, have fellowship
  • explore God’s word — learn from scripture
  • celebrate the Lord’s table — His table re-centers all of ours
  • pray — God hears and speaks to, through, with, for, and from us.  



Zebedee R. Hinton, born to a farming family in Aliceville, Alabama. He looks back over a storied life and shares wisdom gained through long years of patience and faith.


Tim decided to step into a lifestyle of service and incarnation in a neighborhood and among people he used to drive past to get where he wanted to go has been costly. It has cost him many things but being in a multi-ethnic setting and church has also cost him his color blindness and the comforts of willful ignorance.

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“funny Like That…”

A few years ago, on a warm Saturday afternoon, we did an open mic at church. The crowd was predictably sparse, but a few folks made the afternoon memorable. Ian North and Josh Feit played guitars and a couple of people sang and did other performances. Britt was one of them, and he rocked karaoke to Michael Jackson’s “We Are the World.” He did well, and I think he enjoyed the experience because he’s been angling to sing at church and church-related activities ever since.

Everyone went up and did one performance. Not Britt. After he finished his song, he rolled up in his wheelchair to the front of the aisle again a few minutes later and did some standup. A few minutes later he went up again. We had to gently take away the mic.

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David Park
Lead Pastor

David Park has served as the lead pastor for Open Table Community since 2012. He is a second generation Korean American who desires to see multiethnic, honest, and healthy relationships in community and on mission, but mostly, he’s still figuring how to be a decent husband, father, and mediocre friend. He loves basketball, though tragically ungifted at it. Ditto for photography and music and cooking. He does, however, keep trying. He is married to Sunita and they have two children, Anju and Jonathan; and a dog. 

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