In December 2010, the leadership team went back to the drawing board a little bit to make sure that we are still sensing God’s hand over our direction and calling. What we did was  work on something called a Vision Frame, developed by a guy named Will Mancini in his book, Church Unique. It was very helpful to realize that the ingredients that God has put in the room are still cooking to make something great out of our church and even if we couldn’t articulate every bit of it, we were able to say with a lot of confidence that God is up to something good in our church. Here’s the presentation we made to the church on the Sunday after our first session. We plan to continue this framing into 2011 to continue to provide clarity and to show how we are doing when it comes to our steps and relationships.

Here are our Values:

  • Proclamation
  • Equipping
  • Multiethnic
  • Life Together
  • Worship
  • Missional

Our Strategy:

  • Create bridges between what we do inside the walls to what we do outside the walls with strategic ministry partners
  • Focus on small groups
  • Form strategic partnerships with ministries in line with our vision

Our Measures:

  • Increase participation in small groups to 75%
  • Grade weekly services to improve experience
  • Teach on diversity and look for multiethnic interaction outside our church walls
  • Develop measurements to evaluate the effectiveness of outreach, to be reviewed bi-annually
  • Ensure the members of the body can articulate the Gospel

Our Mission:

  • God has called Open Table Community church to love God passionately, share life intentionally, and together love our neighbors.

A good first step…