Staff Bios

David Park

Lead Pastor

David Park has served as the lead pastor for Open Table Community since 2012. He is a second generation Korean American who desires to see multiethnic, honest, and healthy relationships in community and on mission, but mostly, he’s still figuring how to be a decent husband, father, and mediocre friend. He loves basketball, though tragically ungifted at it. Ditto for photography and music and cooking. He does, however, keep trying. He is married to Sunita and they have two children, Anju and Jonathan. Anju is quick to point out his errors with a loud voice. And Jonathan is scared of pineapples and often accuses David of smelling like eggs.
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Jill Tullis

Virtual Executive Assistant

I am a born and bred east Tennessean with a somewhat-unhealthy obsession with all things Dollywood. I've been married to Tim for 5 years and we have two adorable daughters: Emerson is 3 and Piper is 7 months. I love the Tennessee Volunteers, hitting the gym, traveling, power naps, and Christmastime. I grew up with my dad in full-time ministry and somehow managed to marry a youth pastor--not intentional but God-ordained without a doubt! I have a passion for the local church and it makes me so happy to see people find authentic, transparent community in the Body of Christ.

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