Lead Followers

We are more sheep than shepherd, more followers than leaders, but wherever He leads, we will follow, and whomever He serves we will seek to serve.

Lead Pastor
David Park
email | david@opentablecommunity.org
twitter | @dpark75 

Youth/Outreach Pastor
Tommy Yi
email | tommy@opentablecommunity.org

Children’s Ministry Director
Allison Higgins
email | allison@opentablecommunity.org

Worship Director
Kristen Hines
email | kristen@opentablecommunity.org

Matt Melendez
email | matt@opentablecommunity.org

Open Table Community is led by a Leadership Team that sets the direction and guards the mission of the church. They are nominated by the community and are affirmed by current leadership and lead pastor. You can send an email to the Leadership Team to this address: leadership@opentablecommunity.org