This past Thanksgiving Sunday, we joined together with the Hispanic congregation we share the building, Iglesia Pentecostes Uncion Divina.

Since we moved to the location in 2010, this was our fifth time doing a joint English/Spanish worship service with our Latino brothers and sisters.

Now we’re committed to joining to worship together on Easter and Thanksgiving, twice a year. What I’ve learned in the few times we’ve worshiped together:

  1. The worship of God is beautiful, and sounds better in Spanish quite frankly, but worship that extends beyond the bounds of my own language really does become an expression of the heart and it is beautiful and humbling to worship with others. 
  2. The law can separate us, but Jesus brings us together – white collar, blue collar, documented, undocumented, well educated, uneducated, short, tall, pentecostal, all skin colors. Jesus is Lord.
  3. Worshiping with others and doing it respectfully takes practice and patience. All the things that make us strangers, and the various barriers socially, take time to build the trust and understanding whereby you can truly laugh and cry together. We’re not there yet, but we are on the way.
  4. The worship and interactions only started to feel more natural this last time, which has taken over the past 2 years, so don’t give up before then.
  5. This is just practice…sharing and extending the table of thanks and the celebration of resurrection is something that we “get” to do. Enjoy it, it’s an essential work of the church.
  6. Food is essential. Eat together afterwards! 🙂