Last Saturday, we stopped by a Corner Bakery opening near our neighborhood, and they were giving out complimentary breakfast and lunch as a practice for their staff.  That pretty much set my day on the right track.  After all, who wouldn’t be happy after a free lunch?!  Immediately, I was thankful and spending the day counting my blessings.

Other days, however, have been very different.  I wake up and I’m already telling myself that it’s going to be a sad, unproductive day.  Then I proceed to mope around all day.  Not too surprising.  This made me think more about the manner in which I start my day and how it dictates how the rest of my day goes.

I’m sure you know the saying “breakfast is the important meal of the day.” It starts you off with an energy boost.  Maybe it’s the same way with ‘daily bread’.  I’m convinced that if I start my day off with worship and practice pointing myself in the right direction first thing every morning, it will change my attitude and direction of my day.

Breakfast in bed! Thanks @jcupphoo! :)

I will update you on how it goes.  I’m not a very disciplined person, so this will be a challenge for me.  But maybe you guys can do this with me!

-Esther & Jacob